March 1, 2010


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Founded in 1985 to 1 November STKIP guided by jambi at 1970-1977 which consists of 4 faculties: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Engineering. UNBARI or often called Green Campus is a private college jambi area, as for the meaning of the symbol unbari are as follows: 1. Fill the form and symbol • Universita Batanghari symbol shaped pentagonal petals symbolizing the Pancasila. • Far flower with three petal flower symbolizes Dharma tri Universities that will be developed by the university. • A pen and book symbolize the excavation and development of science. • A ripple of water above the bottom represents the average dynamics and creativity of balance, harmony and harmony. 2. Color • yellow base color is the color of the university • The blue color symbolizes the river Batang Hari • Color is the color of ripe areca jambi area 3. Other - Other • A pen symbolizes the date of 1 • Book with 11 sheets, each sheet 5 and 6 sheet represents the eleventh month. • A ripple of water sprout eight and five representing eighty-five years. In addition Batanghari University of symbolic meaning with the predicate "BATANGHARI 'which is a symbol of ownership throughout the community jambi province. Therefore there is no region in Jambi Province is not in contact with the Batang Hari river basin. With the progress of the campus Green era developed into 5 faculties, namely faculty of agriculture increased, due to see so much public interest to continue his education jambi kejengjang college. Developments dimbangi with the existing quality of education, for example unbari is getting into 3 regional level Kopertis (Riau, Padang & Jambi). This proves that the university has Batanghari high competitiveness This can be seen with the level of development of university students such Batanghari table below: FACULTY YEAR TOTAL KIP ACADEMIC LAW ECONOMICS AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING 2005/2006 350 628 720 328 86 2,112 2006/2007 539 641 772 398 108 2,458 2007/2008 881 809 1,058 435 130 3,313 2008/2009 1,327 963 1,287 470 165 4,212 2009/2010 1,593 976 1,478 553 197 4,797 Source UNBARI education guide 2009 
Because the level of strong growth jambi Education foundation is required to optimize the structure and infrastructure of the university Batanghari (Green campus) that this beloved, that's a glimpse of the campus.


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