March 7, 2010

Seven Mountain Lake Kerinci

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If you want to spend the weekend in County Kerinci, Lake Gunung Tujuh, could be one option tourist attraction. Located in the Village Pelompek, District Kayuaro, Kerinci, this lake presents a panorama of nature is still virgin

The lake lies at an altitude of 1950 meters from the sea surface (sea level) was recorded as the highest lake in Southeast Asia. Natural atmosphere in this lake is very beautiful, so soothing.

A very beautiful panorama with kealamiannya. The water was so clear lakes that provide serenity and comfort to anyone who visited.

The beauty of the lake surrounded increases with the spread of seven rows of the mountain. Seventh mountain, Mount Upper Tebo, Mount Upper Sangir, Madura Iron Mountain, Mountain Pond, Mount Basil, Mount Jar Bake, and Mount Seven.

If we are in the lake looks a few points on the edge of the lake lay like beach sand. Location could be used for camping tourists while menunggul rising of the sun in the morning.

It is said the lake was formed due to the eruption of Mount Seven hundred years ago. The former eruption formed a crater cetiranya which gradually filled with rain and into a lake.

For guests is available Virtual Library and camping area of 2 hectares. The lake is located on Mount Kerinci district located approximately 50 kilometers from the capital of Kerinci district and can be achieved with four-wheel drive and trail, a distance of approximately 4 miles


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