March 5, 2010

Batang Hari Regency | Jambi Province

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Batang Hari Regency is located in the middle of Jambi province with total area of 5180.35 km2. Batang Hari Regency is geographically located at position 1 º 15 'latitude south up to 2 º 2' south latitude and between 102 º 30 'east longitude to 104 º 30' east longitude. Province lies within the scope of Batang Hari Regency in the province of the middle region and a hilly area.

This District in late 2000 had a population of 191,727 inhabitants. Judging from the age structure, about 60.19 percent of the productive age population and the remaining 39.81% the elderly, and children who need a touch to make them investment-quality generation in the future. Residents in this area consists of various sukiu like: Malays, Javanese, Sundanese, Batak, Minang, Chinese, and other tribes whose numbers are relatively small.

Based on its geographic location bordering Batang Hari Regency:
1. North Cape District is bordered by West Jabung.
2. South side is bordered by County Sarolangun and South Sumatra Province.
3. East side is bordered by Muaro Jambi.
4. West side is bordered by Tebo regency.
Administrative region of Batang Hari Regency consists of 8 (eight) districts, including 13 (twelve) urban villages and 96 (ninety one) village with a variety of different developments, both because of the potential geographic, natural resources, human resources as well as infrastructure development in each district and between districts. Judging from the geographical aspect, this district has a strategic location because it is the traffic that connects the western region sumatera. In accordance with Law No. 45 In 1999, the Batang Hari Regency divided into 2 (two) districts of Batang Hari Regency in the Capital BULIAN Muara Jambi and Muaro with Sengeti Capital.

Batang Hari Regency in general is a hilly area with altitude ranging between 11 - 500 m above sea level.
Most of the Batang Hari Regency in the Watershed (DAS) with Batanghari River marsh inundated throughout the year. In geomorfologis Batang Hari Regency is the area sloped ramps ranging from 0 to 8 percent (92.28 percent).
Sub which is located upstream of Sungai Batang area tend to be more bumpy than the downstream regions. Corrugated region located in Maro Sebo Ulu Subdistrict, District Inner XXIV, District and Sub MERSAM Maro Sebo Ilir. TEMBESI Muara, Muara BULIAN, District and Sub PEMAYUNG Bajubang topography have tended more flat / sloping, while areas with sloping topography in the area of Batang Hari Regency virtually nothing.

Batang Hari Regency tropical climate with temperature ranging between 20-30 degrees Celsius. The results observed in 5 (five) last year showed that the amount of rainfall on average per year ranged from 2264.6 to 2976.4 mm with a humidity between 62.66 to 84.55 per cent and irradiation ranged from 89.3 to 133.9 percent. Rainfall in Batang Hari Regency during 2004 amounted to 2398.3 mm with the number of rainy days 176 days. The average monthly rainfall ranges from 199.9 mm while the average monthly number of rainy days is 14 days.
Batang Hari Regency traversed by two major rivers namely Sungai Batang and Batang TEMBESI. Several other rivers are relatively large include Bangko Dangun River, Sungai Kayu Aro, Rengas River, the River Ring, Kejasung Great River, River trap. Besides the great rivers there were also several small rivers which are tributaries of River Singoan, Bernai River, River MERSAM, BULIAN River, River Kennels, Sungai Aur, and other Bacang River - another.
Geological conditions and soil structure found in Batang Hari Regency include an area dominated by the 283,986 ha Neogin followed by deposition area tufa 171,662 ha and 84,472 ha area of Vulcan.
The spread of the structure type is concentrated in the region Neogin Maro Sebo Ulu district covering 74,660 ha, or 26.29 percent, partially covering the subdistrict PEMAYUNG 53,822 ha or 18.95 per cent and District area of 43,353 ha MERSAM or 15.26 percent. For this type of sediment spread almost evenly in each district while tufa Vulcan Sub concentrated in an area of Inner XXIV 32,247 Ha or 38.17 per cent and the rest spread in almost all districts.
State structure of land in Batang Hari Regency consists of 2 (two) types of soil, namely alluvial soils and red-yellow padsolik. Alluvial soil types in the vicinity of river Batang Hari and Sungai Batang TEMBESI.


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