April 4, 2010

The Serangkuh Dayung dance

Posted by Yudi Kurniawan (a-One) 21:49, under , | 3 comments

tourism information jambiThe Serangkuh Dayung dance ~ that came from this Jambi city really was good in saw, in fact this dance was often staged by the students in the site of the art stage,, we ought to be proud because the Jambi province was rich in the dance dance, so we were very grateful would the style of the available culture in the Jambi province even Indonesia.. huh extraordinary not

The Serangkuh dance these oars his creator was known but organised repeated by Aini Rozak during 1990. This dance depicted about the feeling that a direction in the same direction, Togetherness in everything, and was danced only by the daughter's dancer. The meaning from this dance was enough in not,, from our culture there we in demanded to could interpret in the aspect of the association, we must be able to depict the feeling that had a purpose for togetherness, come on Putra our Indonesian daughter must unite to build this country,, together same.. hehehe, how come ngelantur,,

That was clear,, we must continue to maintain culture kita,,,se escorted the development of the so sophisticated time,,,


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