March 5, 2010

Jambi Affairs Pantun

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Maybe we agree that we call Jambi Pantun Affairs. Why? Surely this is reasonable, because it is rich in Jambi-pantunnya Pantun. Naturally the images attached to Jambi.
You can look at the lyrics of the song Jambi which generally contain many rhymes, or you can also hear the young children in Jambi are always using the rhyme as a medium to seduce her partner, even in parts of Jambi is a tradition called unrequited rhyme tradition.
Here I try to present to you a few rhymes used by people of Jambi:

Batanghari aeknyo calm
Although still rushing to the edge
Children should not be remembered Jambi
Kalo is remembered liver damage

We ba hillside umo
Milled rice stem topple
We umpamo the sparrow
Halau Kemano people fly in

Live fire Bake Argusianus
Argusianus tepanggang the brothers feet
Mean nak won the hearts of the island
The Nago dijago Island magic

Owl bottom edge Napal
Place of laundry slaves
Bear crew ships simultaneously nak
Idakkan may nyo samo rate

Bederai rain in RIMBO
Tibo in rice bederai do
Kito in MUKO Becerai
But at heart becerai not

That's all I can rhyme present, there are many other rhyme-rhyme that is often used by the community of Jambi in traditional events, youth events and other events. I imagine, if only one day in Jambi there is a gate / welcome monument that reads "WELCOME TO THE STATE PANTUN" Probably a good time huh?


Nice Info... thanks udah mampir... slam kenal

Nice info.. terima kasih for your visit!!
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