March 8, 2010

Berhala Island Tours

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ISLAND The idol has a beautiful white sand beaches and volcanic rock that is very beautiful with a great location close to the National Park buffer zone Berbak. Islands covering an area approximately 10 square kilometers on the west coast has a gentle slope and the eastern part has a stone cliffs are quite steep cliff. In the sea receded island surrounded by idols can walk within 6 hours.

For those of you who are interested in visiting the island idol, you have to travel by car 1 jambi from Jambi City, leading to the harbor inlet Kandis then by speed boat about 2 hours long, palm toward the middle of our journey can eat people will find black Kayo jambi one of the kings very famous and powerful, Berbak National Park one of the largest swamp forests in Asia, if lucky in April we can find kelompuk tong tong crane's migration was from asia to Australia. after arriving on a long palm using boats troll about 2 hours drive we will come to the island of idols.

The island is inhabited by the Head of the Family 9 derived from the Riau Malays as fishermen's livelihood. The entire hill has a height of about 2000 meters. are in the middle of the island, and here found two historical and cultural heritage, including Tomb Datuk Paduko Berhalo.

With a walk down the hill via a path 150 meters + we will find the tomb of an Islamic developer in jambi, named Ahmad Salim Datuk a Paduko Berhalo dubbed. He menukah by Princess King of Jambi, the Princess Pinang Masak harmony which they later ruled the kingdom of Jambi.
There is also a Fort Ancient Japan on one of the hills on the island this idolatry.

Even more interesting at a depth of about 5-20 meters of coral reef clusters tardapat (hard coral) is very beautiful she's one of the best in Indonesia but unfortunately too deep. Island egg (the green turtle laid her eggs) egg has a beautiful island and to its own uniqueness at the beach where the water has a different temperature difference was only 1 meter distance intervals we could feel his hot and cold sea water. very white sand like broken glass (quartz PSIR, we night camping on the island while see green turtles lay their eggs.

While on the island of his own idol beach there are 5 unique points, 3 points juka sands at low tide to snorkel and facilities made 2 points beach huge stone and can be a challenge for traking lovers, locals very friendly, for lovers of fishing may pagan island one of the challenges the fish very much, only about 5 minutes from the beach our boat bias memanjung fish (grouper, snapper, leopard sharks bambang, Seminyak and more. catch squid around the island is also very cool lamp. Sometimes, if lucky diperjalanan we'll see dolphins dolphin fish are very beautiful, housing problems do not worry there are some houses built by local jambi's comfortable but rudimentary living facilities in the thin mattress MCK important source of fresh water and its safe and a lot for a hobby camping sleep on the beach are also very comfortable with the sand was warm but careful aja kalo tide wet bias, tudur over large rock pavilion ato also feels comfortable.


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