March 4, 2010

Kerinci regency | Jambi province

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History Kerinci
According to Alam Minang Kabau Tambo, Rantau West Coast Region (Pasisie Barek) in the Kingdom of Nature Minang Kabau covers areas along the west coast of Sumatra from the middle portion Sikilang Air Bangis, my heart Pariaman, Padang, Bandar Ten, Air Haji, Inderapura, Muko -Muko (Bengkulu) and Kerinci. Thus a region of Minang Kerinci Kabau
At the time independent Indonesia, Sumatra, the center began to split into 3 provinces:

1. West Sumatra (Minangkabau region covers)
2. Riau (including the empire Siak, Pelalawan, Rokan, Indragiri, Riau, Minangkabau Linga plus Kampar and Rantau Kuantan)
3. jambi (including the former empire plus Jambi Minangkabau Rantau Kerinci)
Kerinci never been under Adipura kingdom with South Coastal District and parts of Bengkulu province including Muko-Muko.
1. KERINCI have the full potential districts which aro timber district, where people are mingling scent of wood from different spectrum of different cultures have much to contribute Kerinci.
therefore the wood sub aro now trying to develop in all fields. essentially on wood menimpan aro many potential human resources that are reliable, in every field of science. for example in terms of IT in the wood aro many hackers have a powerful, but less exposure in the community that received less attention.

Geographical location
Kerinci in Jambi province west end, adjacent to the Province of West Sumatra (Minangkabau) in parts of west and north. At their southern Bengkulu Province borders.
Kerinci area designated as a district since the beginning of the Jambi province, with the central government in Sungai Penuh. Kerinci region has an area of 4200 km2 consisting of 11 sub-districts (which is a series of villages or pemukimam). Statistics in 1996 showed a population of about 300,000 tribal people of Kerinci.
Long before independence Indonesia, Kerinci is an area that already has its own political power. Before the Dutch in Kerinci history records three phases namely: Period Manjuto Kingdom or the Kingdom of Nan Tigo The Pamuncak, DEPATI Period, and Period IV DEPATI Alam Kerinci. Manjuto kingdom, a kingdom located between the Kingdom of Kerajaaan Minangkabau and Jambi, on the island beribukotakan cage. Next, the two periods DEPATI, Island aro wooden cage and play a central role as one of the four centers of power in Kerinci (Rashid Sure, pp. 4 -14).
But since the Dutch began to occupy the Kerinci in 1914, the wooden central role in the political aro government began experiencing shrinkage. When the Dutch set as a afdelling Kerinci in Jambi power Residency (1904) and below Residency West Sumatra (1921), and when he became a district Kerinci itself in the area of Jambi province (in 1958), the island capital is just a cage kemendapoan (a unit of government level below the district and village level above).


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